Golden Goose Francy Decorate. Even kids know what a pretty shoe looks like, and you will get points for decorating the shoes. This can be done by cutting ribbon into very small strips. These very small strips can then be used to create very small bows that will fit on the shoes. You can also glue on beads and buttons to work as accents for the doll shoes.

Position your foot on the snowshoe. After setting down the snowshoes, you can begin positioning one foot at a time on the snowshoes. Your toe should be placed at the front third opening of the webbing, the ball at the opposite side of this opening, and the heel at the middle third section.

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鈥nother option for shoes is a hanging 10-shelf open front shoe organizer. Designed to hang on the closet rod, it won't take up precious floor space. It has two sturdy hooks to ensure it stays on the rod. The shelves are made of a breathable canvas, protecting the shoes from dust and letting air circulate around them. You can also use this device to hold smaller pieces of clothing, like scarves or camisoles, as well as household items like CDs and books. It comes in natural tan with brown trim, and measures 5陆 feet high. Each of the 10 shelves is eight inches across by 14 inches deep.

Golden Goose Sale Cut the upper parts of the shoe. To create the upper sections of the shoes, you need to create straps or half circles. These are the basic combinations that will allow you to create a wide variety of foot wear. The half circle will be placed in front of the shoes to hug the toes. The straps will be used to keep the shoes secured onto the ankles. You can make the half circles elongated into oblongs to make shoes that cover the entire feet.

Peppermint bark is the ultimate Christmas candy, and can cost quite a bit, too! By making your own peppermint bark, you can save money and treat your friends. Peppermint bark makes an excellent Christmas or New Year's gift - or you can make it at any time during the year. Save those candy canes - you'll need them! How to clean? Invest in a good leather lotion and leather-cleaning material such as a soft chamois. Dust of the dirt and mud with a clean shoe brush. Rub out scuffs and dirt clods with a damp cloth and some saddle soap. Next apply the leather lotion evenly, all over the shoes and then wipe off with the chamois or other soft cloth.